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The Castillo Morales® concept is a holistic, neurophysiologically oriented therapy.

Findings from evolution, phylogenesis, ontogenesis and the learning and communication behaviour of humans play a crucial role in our concept and are co-responsible for a fast verticalization process (assuming an erect posture against the force of gravity).

The process of cultural cognition - specifically among the native peoples of Latin-America and their anthropology, translated to our culture - is another exceptional example of the uniqueness of our concept and our eagerness to learn from each other.

It is the root of the term "communication? as part of our concept.

Communication - Posture

Respect for a person, confidence in their capabilities and potential form the basis of joint interaction and open new forms of, and perspectives on, dialogue and communication.

Early verticalization in functional, asymmetrical starting positions, the improvement of posture and movement under specific inclusion of sensory perception and communication, together with experiences in pre-, peri- and postnatal sensory-motor development are important components and targets of our therapy.

In the therapy of babies and young children, we work on the therapist?s lap or on one of the parents? body to give the child as much security as possible, strengthen their confidence to stimulate the motivation centre and enable them to find out more about themselves and their environment.

Communication - Technique

A special technique to stimulate the interconnectedness of the brain supports biomechanical and biochemical body processes.

Touching, tension, pressure/pulling and vibration over specific motor-sensory zones help to support the learning process, recall "forgotten? skills and experiences and steer them towards targeted functional action.

Touching is food for the brain.

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